Inter Courtage

The role of the broker

Above all, it is important to note that the broker is, at no time, the owner of a commodity. As stated in the Charles VII Decree, dated September 19, 1439, the broker "does not trade on his own behalf". His independence vis-à-vis the counterparts is a proof of his neutrality. This first point is essential for the proper understanding of our business..

We are an auxiliary to trade under Article 632, paragraph 5 of the Commercial Code that acts simultaneously on the orders and on behalf of two principals, of which one is the buyer and the other one the seller.

The broker is a discreet and important cog in the "agri-business" sector who guarantees market transparency. Upon request from the counterparties, he ensures the proper execution of business and, wherever possible, smoothes disputes that may arise.

The role of Inter-Courtage

INTER-COURTAGE, a long-term member of the FFSCM, is committed to respecting the rules and code of ethics of the latter, thus providing our counterparties with a guarantee of competence, honesty, and morality.
On receipt of a "mandate" from our counterparts, we find the perfect agreement between the buyer and the seller, which we fulfill by drafting and sending a standard contract codified by the habits and customs of the trading country. The importance of contracts led us to seek and obtain ISO 9001 certification in 2001.
INTER-COURTAGE also gets involved in cash contracts monitoring and performance, as it is aware of the important role it has to play, providing a daily service widely appreciated by market contributors.
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