Inter Courtage

Futures market

INTER-COURTAGE, member of the market, is in constant contact with a wide panel of market operators, giving them a cross-functional view of Matif activity.

Industrial groups
Food manufacturers
Financial operators
Euronext Futures market
INTER-COURTAGE offers full support for your operations on futures markets:
  1. Introduction and advanced training in futures market operations
  2. Support in account opening procedures
  3. Decision support for drawing up strategies
  4. Market analysis
  5. Processing and fulfilling your orders
  6. Position tracking
  7. Premium contracts monitoring
INTER-COURTAGE is at your disposal for your specific needs.

INTER-COURTAGE offers to negotiate milling wheat, rapeseed, corn and options contracts associated with these products on the Paris market (known as MATIF) of EURONEXT.
INTER-COURTAGE works on a daily basis for the development of Matif and to ensure its relevance to operators’ needs (INTER-COURTAGE is an active member of expert committees).

INTER-COURTAGE processes your orders on the futures markets with the greatest respect for the rules and regulations of organized financial markets: Damien, Rémi and Benjamin are graduates of the negotiator card of the Institute of Trades Training Market. The configuration, equipment, and organization of the desk ensure the responsiveness, reliability and flexibility of our brokers.
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