Inter Courtage

Cash market

Many of the company’s brokers come from the agricultural world, and therefore have a perfect knowledge of the products being dealt with. Their ISA training coupled with their technical knowledge is enriched by the experience that comes from nearly 50 years of existence of the Company, and is recognized and appreciated by our counterparts.
The products of the soil dealt with by INTER-COURTAGE include:
Feed wheat
Milling wheat
Field beans and broken field beans
Colza seeds
Flax seeds
Soya beans
Sunflower seeds
Rootlets of malt barley
Colza, sunflower oil
Straw pellets
Soybean shells, cocoa shells
Soybean cakes
Rapeseed cakes
Sunflower cakes
Flax cakes
Palm kernel cakes
Groundnut cakes
Cocoa cakes
Copra cakes
Corn germ cakes
Spent grain
Milling and starch manufacture derivatives
Dehydrated alfalfa
Beet pulps, potato pulps, citrus pulps and grape pulps
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