Inter Courtage


The founder

Daniel Guilbert was born into a long line of brewers and maltsters. He worked in a storage agency in the North of France for several years, and was convinced that development in grain markets and related industries, boosted by the advent of the EEC, was imminent. He thus opened his broker’s office on April 1st, 1961 in Dunkirk.
INTER-COURTAGE works in import-export cereal brokering, in the malt trade and brokerage and has been systematically able to innovate and adapt to the many changes in these sectors.

For several decades, INTER-COURTAGE, through its serious approach and the professionalism of its teams, has enjoyed the confidence of its partners, and is pleased to use the opportunity of this presentation to thank them warmly.
Cereals & High protein oilseeds - Oilseed cakes - Coproducts - Dehydrated products - Cash markets - Futures markets - Derivatives
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